Fire Boy

Fire Boy Cover

I loved this book as it was like I went on a real adventure with the characters. The characters are really good friends and I liked this. It also made me laugh a lot! I kept wanting to read more.

Fraz, aged 10

FIRE BOY is one of the novels featured in Bookbuzz 2021 and the Summer Reading Challenge in 2020

Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire Cover

Pants on Fire is amazingly funny! Somehow, even better than Fire Boy, that is possible!! You'll never be able to guess the plot, anything can happen at any moment. it was impossible to put down.

Milo, aged 11

PANTS ON FIRE, the sequel to FIRE BOY, is published this July!
Look for it in bookshops now or use the link below!

Read about the highly flammable and somewhat dangerous adventures of Fire Boy